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Destin is a resort community located in the center of Florida’s Emerald Coast. The Emerald Coast, located between Panama City and Pensacola, is approximately 90 miles long. The local Gulf waters are colored all hues of green and blue. The beaches, created by nature from white quartz, consist of a beautiful white powder resembling powdered sugar. The agency was established in 1975 with the goal of providing superior insurance services to local businesses, local and visiting business executives and professionals.

The agency’s clientele today consists mainly of small businesses, executives and professionals including many doctors, lawyers, business owners and insurance agents. Each member of our staff has a minimum of 20 years insurance industry experience. Each of our licensed agents has a minimum of 25 years insurance industry experience. Mr. Harmon has 41 years experience in the insurance industry.

We are the oldest and largest property and casualty agency in Destin. The agency writes a large volume of Flood and Wind insurance. As an independent agency we are licensed to provide insurance and services through many insurance companies. We as your agent, represent you, our client, to the companies.

The aviation division of the agency provides insurance and insurance services to aircraft owners, fixed base operators, repair facilities, instructors, airport contractors and municipalities. The types of aircraft we insure are as varied as the types of aircraft flying. We insure Aerobatics, Banner Towers, Crop Dusters, Helicopters, Fleet Cargo, War Birds, and Experimental Aircraft. We of course also insure private pleasure and industrial transport aircraft including single and multi engine jets.

There have been eight direct hits to the area by Hurricanes since the agency was founded in 1975. Two of the hurricanes, Erin and Opal, struck the Destin area within two months in 1995 with a resultant 4,300 damage claims in our office alone. Ivan struck the area in 2005 resulting in 3,000 claims in our office. The agency survived 4,300 claims within a 60 day period and the 3,000 claims of Ivan. We have been in business for 33 years and intend to be in business for a long time to come. We are strong, well respected and financially stable.

As of June of 2017, Harmon Insurance is now Acentria Insurance. We plan to bring world class insurance service to Destin and Surrounding Communities.

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